Democracy and participation. Democratic innovations and participatory routee in Brazil


The current political debate on the theme democracy is marked by various questions about the functioning, social legitimacy, and effectiveness of representative institutions. Among the answers to these dilemmas, we see the emergence of the most varied innovations with a view to broaden the participatory and deliberative outlines of the contemporary political systems. Brazil is a pioneer in creating such experiences, it has become a world reference regarding academic research on the theme and reproduction of its experiences in other countries. A large part of the literature devoted to these innovations has focused its analyses on internal functioning procedures and their impact on the public policy cycle. Few analyses address such innovations having the dialogue with the participatory tradition and the constitution of countries’ democratic institutions as a basis. Through a bibliometric analysis of classic studies in sociology and Brazilian political science, we aim at providing such reconstruction in this essay. The main conclusion of this paper is grasping the rise of these experiences as an unprecedented milestone in the democratization of the Brazilian public space, breaking with the restrictive tradition on the theme political participation.

In Cadernos Ebape, In Portuguese.